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  - you have nothing! "

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Dr. Valery Rudenko, Professional Inventor offers the principally new devices for patenting, designing and commercialization, E-mail me!

1.Medical device for ion-plasma reflexology, microsurgery and cosmetic.
2.The ion-plasma device to micro-perforate paper and rubber.
3.Technological and household apparatuses: mixer, dishwasher, washing machine, moisture detection device, viscometer.
4.Kinetic massager.
5.Peristaltic massagers.
6.Rudenko hydrovacuum massager "anti-ageing".
7.Total body trainer.
8.Apparatus for riddling botteld wine etc.
9.Skimmers to clean oil spills from the sea surface (after shipwreck of tanker).
10.Atomizers and burners.
11.New decorative aquariums.
12.Rudenko advertising device.
13.Gambling game "Amazing Slalom".
14.Puzzles-manipulators with bonus.
15.Manipulative puzzles with advertising.
16.Dynamic purification filter.

       All innovations have commercial potential and represents great opportunities. V.Rudenko will negotiate with any interested party regarding the above mentioned products in the following directions: joint patenting, industrial applications and commercialization.
      I am ready to offer one's services and to go to you for work on conditions of the long-term contract.
Author has working prototypes and computer demo movies (3D Studio MAX program) of all devices. The graphics images are introduced in the simplified form and do not demonstrate sites, containing know-how. I ask to forgive for my bad English. I am Russian.



       Is invented and it is offered to development, production and commercialization the medical device which could be used in a stationary or ambulatory.Device operates in two modes:
      Mode 1: Points. Device impacts the patient's skin with concentrated flow of negative aero-ions flow ( ion-plasma filament ). Used in reflexology without contact influence on bio-active points of human body, in ophthalmology to cure viral carotids. Contrary to acupuncture, does not penetrate the scin, thus eliminating the risk of AIDS and hepatitis infection.
      Mode 2: Massive. Device dynamically impacts with many ion-plasma "needles" wide regions human tissue (multi-needle reflexology therapy). Using this method the user does not need to search for bio-active points. This device performs skin massage utilizing a powerful stream of ionic oxygen, improving all skin functions and serves as a skin antiseptic. Blood circulation is improved as well.
      This device is used to cure illness of the internal organs, musculoskeletal diseases, peripheral nervous system, to regulate the functioning of the body, to re-animate atrophied patches of skin (as a preventative measure to bed sores) and the healing of bruises. He can also effectively be used for hardening muscles, down stroke of weight, destroying of hypodermic fatty adjournment, correction of a shape of a female breast, rising of an elasticity of a skin.
      The offered device is much more effective than the famous Darsanval's apparatus - binding attribute of all physiotherapeutic cabinets and medical establishments. The device has passed clinical tests in leading medical establishments. I have the official certificates of tests. This devise is portable. Wattage 30 Wt. Weight 2,0 kg. The ease of usage and multi-functional properties of the unit make if the ideal " Family Doctor". Prototype of the devise is available.


      Is invented and it is offered to development, production and commercialization the technological system allowing to execute micro perforation of paper and rubber sheets. Perforation of a paper is made by a ion-plasma flow (know-how!). Micro holes in the paper (rubber) done by implementing ion-plasma flow to moving paper (rubber). Diameter of the micro holes could be regulated in range of 1 to 50 mcm and density of holes could be regulated in range of 1 to 20 on 1 sq.mm. The received perforated elements can be used in various filtering systems(devices) for clearing of gases and liquids.
      Perforation could be total, or could be done as picture or sign. Speed of perforation depends on manufacturing design and she could be achieve to 100 sq.cm per minute.
      Perforator is the portable system. Weight: 8.0 Kg. Wattage: 100 Watt.
      Demo version of the device as well as samples of perforated paper are available.

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      This newly invented series of principally new washing machines. They are intended for effective washing of a linen in home conditions and also in sphere of service.
       In the known washing machines (activator-type or drum-type) lump of a linen only somersault in water. The speeds of rotation of a linen and water in these machines practically are identical ( I.e. the relative speed is small ) - It negatively has an effect for quality of process.
      The advantage of an offered design consist in that a linen and water in process of washing always move towards each other.
      Therefore high efficiency of washing and significant economy of washing-up liquids. The offered devices do not contain fast rotating activators, which are a source of the increased noise and reason of damage of a linen. The designs of offered washing machines allow to produce the patterns both with frontal, and with the top loading of a linen. The new washing machines are simple in manufacturing, have small dimensions, are simple and are reliable.

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       This newly invented effective massager is being offered for joint patenting and manufacturing. The basis of this device is in the creation of a dynamic pseudo boiling layer of granules (spheres) which impacts the human body similar to "shiatsu" massage.
      The key factors of the device are mechanical, thermal, electro-static and magnetic. It allows for the different types of massage: pseudo manual; vibrating; ballistic.
      The "boiling" layer of granules washes over and bombards the human body, while simultaneously causing a friction force and impact. An intense all over body massage occurs, stimulating skin receptors and impacting bio-active points as pertaining to acupressure as applied in reflexology. When applied to the feet and hands the corresponding wrist and ankle joints are stimulated.
       The device can be used for:

  • improvement of blood circulation
  • normalization of muscular,nervous,cardiovascular and digestive
  • rehabilitation of elasticity of tissue
  • elimination of cellulite
  • treatment of a varicose phlebectasia, thrombophlebite and arthritis
  • curing of musculoskeletal diseases and their ramifications
  • heightening of an overall well being.
  •       The device can be manufactured to three different specifications :
                - portable
                - pedal driven (combing the positive effects of an stationary exercise bicycle)
                - stationary
           Innovation has commercial potential and represents great opportunities. Thermo plastic machinery and polymer materials are required for the manufacturing of the device.
           The demo prototype is available.

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           It is known, that homosexuals are not sick of a prostatites. This is promoted by internal massage of the prostate gland. Essentially new massage device, which is carrying out external massage, on the action adequate to internal massage, is invented. A series of essentially new massage devices which are carrying out set of receptions of mechanical and reflex influence on a tissues and bodies of the person is invented. Major factors of influence: stroking, grinding, stretching, vibration (impacts). The massage, which is carried out by masseur improves promotion of a lymph and blood on vessels, tones up vascular system, facilitating work of heart. The contents of hemoglobin, number  of erythrocytes  and  leukocytes  in  blood  is  increased. Massage raises gas exchange, increases allocation of mineral salts and urea.

         By changing character, force and duration of massage, it is possible to influence a functional condition of a bark of a brain to strengthen reflex ties of a bark of brain with muscles, vessels and internal bodies. Massage strengthens regeneration of a nerve at his(its) damages, will weaken or will stop a pain. Massage strengthens the copular device of joints and increases their mobility. Massage strengthens motor function of a stomach and intestines. It he warns superfluous adjournment of fat, salts, toxins and cholesterol. Eliminates fatigue of an organism and warns withering of skin. Skin is become pink, resilient and elastic.
          There are invented six models of massagers.

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          Is invented and it is offered to manufacture multi-purpose hydrovacuum massager, which carries out three functions: organism recovery; clearing a skin; elimination of a adipose tissue.
           The principle of action consists in creation of localized decompression of a person, taking place In a bath. The massager contains one or more suction cups that affixed to the body. The skin is sucked into each cups up to 3 cm.
          There are three different mode:

  • constant or variable;
  • static massage;
  • dynamic (sliding) massage
    Intermittent decompression makes surface and deep tissue massage.
  •       A cardiovascular work out occurs, awakening stagnant capillaries and activating the blood flow to the skin.
          Notice the detoxifying properties that clean the lymphatic vessels of excretion. The massage occurs in a warm bath that allows the tissue to soften. The detoxifying benefits are more significant than that of a sauna. Hydrovacuum massager remove dead skin cells, thus allowing youthful, younger-looking skin to emerge.
          Intensive and penetrating jogs of tissues and internal organs, connected to them, promotes to moving away of gravel from kidneys and urethra.
          Localized decompression is utilized as a preventative and curative measure for impotence.
          Massager can be used by people of all ages. The benefits of device a simplicity of his manufacturing, convenient and easy to use. Massager uniquely combines pleasure (for the men and women) and relaxation with well-being and health. For the functioning of the device no physical exertion nor electricity is required. Thermo-plastic machinery and polymer materials are required for the producing of the device.

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          Is invented and is offered to joint patenting and production a revolutionary new muscular training simulators intended for development of physical force and perfecting (adjustment) of a body build.
           Cardinal difference of represented body training from known is the absence of rubber and springs, which one in due course "grow old" (are expanded), and plummets, which have considerable weight.
           The value of a load at the request of training can be regulated in a wide range both smoothly and discretely. If necessary trainer is easily retarget for training any group of muscles.

           Remarkable property of the invented training simulators is that for want of desire the load can automatically smoothly be changed (to be enlarged or to be decreased) on a desired law (fast or slowly) directly during a training (!).
           It considerably dilates functionalities of these training simulators as contrasted to known. The training simulators are compact and are lighter because of absence of springs and plummets. It takes out all problems at their haul and assemblage. At installation they occupy small square, that allows to use them not only in sports halls, but also in small-sized flats. These qualities enlarge the potential market of consumption of training simulators.
           They can be used both professional sportsmen, and ordinary citizens of different ages.

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          Mr.V.Rudenko offer principally new machine for making sparkling wine in the methode champenoise ( device for remuagefr.; riddling - eng.).
          In the majority countries (even in France !) process of cleaning of a sediments is carried out manually (see a picture ) for each bottle and lasts up to 40 (!) days.
          As opposed to analogues riddling devices in other parts of the world, the cornerstone idea of present devices is revolutionary. Offered machine consists of several turning platforms with windows. In each window there is a cassette with a bottle under a corner to horizon. With turn of a platform all bottles rotates (each around her axis).     

            During technological process it is well visible, that occurs in each bottle - it is possible in time to remove a spoilage. Into the device can be loaded simultaneously up to 500 bottles. Duration of a cycle 4 (!) days. The experimental prototype has a high expert estimation. The benefits of device a simplicity of his manufacturing. It will be the next generation in riddling machine.
           International Association of the manufacturers sparkling wines has announced a costly prize for manufacturing of such device.

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          This newly invented a range principally new skimmers to remove trash and large amounts of oil slicks from the sea surface (for example after shipwreck of tanker). As opposed to analogous skimmers the cornerstone idea of present skimmer is revolutionary. The skimmers are mechanical recovery devices and makes use of the differences in specific gravity between oil and water. Skimmed oil can be recycled and reused as a lubricant or fuel. They will work successfully both on

    shoal and on depth places. Areas of application: protection of an environment, oil extracting on a shelf, port and beach facilities, operation and service of bulk-oil fleet, transportation of petroleum.
           Innovation has commercial potential and represents great opportunities. It will be the next generation in oil skimmers. The benefits of devices are simplicity of production and efficacy.
          Author has computer designs and demo-movies, which demonstrate principles of action.

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    10. ATOMIZER

          Are invented the principally new effective multifunction atomizers. They are intended for fine-dispersion of a pulverization of different fluids with simultaneous electrical charging of a generator aerosol. The sizes of particles of an electrical aerosol 1-50 microns. Everyone particle of a fluid has a negative electrical charge.
           The aggregate surface of particles of 1 liter of the sprayed fluid compounds more than 1200 2. Such developed surface allows to use atomizers in different areas of sphere of activity of the man, for intensification warm- and mass-transfer processes, and also dust- and gas-purification.
           Range of applications:
          Inhalation. Treatment of the upper respiratory trajectories, combustions, dermal illnesses, treatment of wounds. Galotherapy - treatment saline and mineral aerosols.      

          Plant cultivation. Irrigation, spraying, depositing nutritious solution (trace substances) in hothouses. Disinfection vegetable store, fructoside, granaries. Animal industries. An inhalation by animal medicinal solutions for treatment and prophylaxis. Disinfection and deodorization of trusses.
      Burners. Neutralizing of charges of a static electricity. Dust-removal of industrial putting. Humidifying of raw and materials.
          Home facilities
      Conditioning, deodorization, dust-removal, disinfection. The prototype is demonstrated.

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          Essentially new entertaining decorative aquariums are invented. They represent the transparent case with water in which multi-colored elements (artificial fishes, octopuses, bathyscaphes, submarines) are placed. All these elements are floating, immersing. Emerge, as present. They are set going without any contact with the help of physical effect. The internal volume of a vessel is carried out as a underwater (sea) landscape. As against devices, that use thermal convention, the invented aquarium is little inertionable. Aquariums can be made in different updating desktop or walls.

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          The advertising device is invented, allowing to show the information submitted as the text, illustrations (photo), samples of products. The information is placed on the special mobile element carrier, which is placed in the transparent framework. The carrier can be made the different form: spherical, cylindrical and any other form. For attraction of attention of people the carrier makes the irregular complex (difficult) movement consisting of vertical moving (upwards - downwards) and rotation with a reverser.
           The moving carrier is independent - he is not connected by means of any cables or levers to any executive mechanism, that does(makes) this device very entertaining. The impression of flying (soaring) object is created. The object can be stylized and executed as a balloon, a bathyscaphe or a UFO or planets. Speed of movement of the carrier and his rotation can be adjusted. Illumination which allows to carry out advertising in dark time of day is stipulated and does (makes) submission of the information even more entertainment. Advertising devices can be made in different updating, making tiny desktop (souvenir) models or scale installations for the outdoor advertising. It is a new generation in advertising - is invented 8 different models.
          All innovations have commercial potential and represents great opportunities In advertising business.

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           Gambling the Roulette is widely known. This device contains a rotating disk with numbered sockets on which the ball slides, till it get in any socket. During almost the whole time of the game (in case of Roulette) the disk and a ball rotate with the big speed and consequently the players are not capable to follow them. Thats why the game loses a lot. Only at the end of game when the ball and a disk has already stop, players have time to trace, as the ball passes from one socket to another, as though choosing where to stop this is the time of the maximal emotional heat.
           Essentially new gambling which allows to realize a constant mode of the maximal emotional heat from the beginning and up to the end of the game is invented. It makes the game extremely hazardous. The principle of the action of the new game consists in contactless moving of the ball, placed in the transparent case, containing a game field

    with the crosspieces forming disorder system of courses for moving of a sphere.   On the game field the  numbered billiard sockets   are located also, in one of which the sphere should stop.
          Each of the players quote their rates on the billiard socket. The ball is set to going by the handle. It makes slow independent movement through intricate courses, moving upwards - downwards and to the right - to the left on the confusing trajectory. And independently and periodically it can be accelerated or reduce speed. During the whole game players have an opportunity to watch the balls movements holding their breath. Finally the ball stops in any billiard socket. The trajectory of the movement of the ball each time is different and its impossible to predict it, and consequently the winning socket - it is possible only to guess.
           The Game is extremely spectacular and also is hazardous. It can be produced stationary for a casino and tiny for domestic entertainments. The game field can be a various configuration and be carried out replaceable. For manufacturing game it is not required complicated and expensive technologies and scarce materials. All units are made of plastic.
           The model sample and computer model of game are ready for demonstration.

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          Mechanical puzzles-manipulators (game 15, Rubic cube, etc) are widely known. The aim of these games is to obtain the necessary position of the elements thanks to skilful manipulations. Having solved this problem and spent plenty of time, a person is naturally completely satisfied, realizing his intellect to be so high. However most people having failed put the puzzle aside not feeling any sense of loss. And most likely they wont try again, so they wont buy such puzzles again. We think the puzzle will be much more attractive if the player gets not only moral satisfaction but also some material encouragement, some award. He will be much more patient and persistent if he knows that he will get some bonus if he wins.
           Ive invented a set of pocket puzzles-manipulators. The player who solves it gets some prize (a candy, a gum, money, a ticket to the cinema, a message, etc). Some relatives or friends put this bonus inside. It couldnt be taken out less the puzzle is solved. The bonus can be visible or invisible, a kind of surprise. The game becomes very interesting as if you should look for a hidden treasure. The parents get a powerful means to effect the development of their children intellectual abilities. Kids, who earlier put away other puzzles, once starting will persistently train their brains trying to solve the puzzle and gain the

    reward. Now a parent can calmly fulfill his work he is sure that his offspring will behave itself, puffing over the puzzle to obtain the surprise, simultaneously training his brains.
           Its a new generation of heuristic games. Excitement and social usefulness of the puzzles with bonus will cause the general passion for these games, permitting to make much money. The games are manufactured of polymer materials. Production of them could be started within 3-4 months and quickly brings profit. The working game samples could be shown.
          The author is looking for a reliable firm to promote his inventions: joint patenting, production, license selling


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           A series of essentially new intellectual games is invented: mechanical manipulators - puzzles. These are pocket games and are very entertaining for people of all ages. Rules of games are rather simple, but for achievement of the purpose a hard work of a brain is necessary. Valuable feature of these puzzles is that, during the game there is a serial demonstration of products with a trade mark of a producer (advertising), for example kinds of production of any Firm. At the person during the game unconsciously (as the 25-th frame at cinema) is postponed in a brain the information on production of an advertising Company. It is completely new generation of advertising !
           Games without the big expenses within 3 months are started in manufacture (it is necessary 4-5 mould forms and thermoplastic automat) and quickly bring big profits.

    Benefits from manufacture of the games - manipulators are double:
       1. they are in themselves very hazardous and will give profits on sales.
       2. the advertising which is not demanding huge expenses (in difference from outdoor and TV advertising). It is possible to produce Games, placing on them advertising under the order of different firms (Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola etc.)
           Working samples and demo movies of Games are ready for demonstration. The invention is quite simple in nature, but can be quite extravagant in its many forms of implementation!
           Innovation has commercial potential and represents great opportunities.
           I search any firm for promotion of my inventions: joint patenting, development and commercialization.
           I ask to forgive for my bad English. I am Russian.

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          This newly invented technological device for the filtration of wide variety of liquid materials different viscosity (water, wine, juice) is being offered for manufacturing. The device does not require compressor and pressured input of the materials.
           The device could be manufactured as a portable for use in household, for example to clean the water, or could be manufactured as stationary to clean sewage in different range of industrial applications.
          The production of the device is technologically simple and device is easy to use.

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    Curriculum Vitae

          I was born in Moscow. In 1964 with gold medal completed mathematics class of High School. In 1969 completed Electro-Physical Faculty of Polytechnic Institute Been offered the job in Applied Physics Institute of Moldova. In 1973 fully admitted to Doctorate Program in Electro-Physics Faculty of Energetic Institute in Moscow. In 1978 ascertained my Doctorate and was granted Ph.D Title. Have over 40 science publications and more160 inventions in fields of:

    • Technological devices;
    • Medical devices
    • Household devices
    • Aerosol spray generators and burners.
    • Heuristic Labyrinths and Puzzlegames.
          Have Golden Prizes of International Salons of Best Inventions. I was rewarded with the USSR's Inventor" medal and I was conferred the title of " Honorary Inventor ".



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